Career consulting

Standing at a crossroads of your career? Thinking about your next move? Considering a change of your job or work position? Not quite sure about the current options in the market? You may want to try a career advisor. Not only will they help you uncover your full potential and advise on using it, but also find the best matching place to "sell" your complete set of skills, knowledge and experience.
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You've got "all" but lost your motivation? Do you feel like you need help with identifying both your abilities and imperfections? Are you entering a new work position? Do you want to improve your current team efficiency? Do you have a new team to manage? Try working with a coach!
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Management Assessment

You have not tried any Assessment or Development Center yet, and don't know what to expect? Do you want to test your managerial abilities? Try our all day open AC/DC “trials”.
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Free informal advisory session
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Bedfort Management Consultants

The company was founded in 2005 as a consulting company focused primarily on Management Consultancy. Consultants of the company implemented a number of contracts as subcontractors for other companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Most orders were focused on the area of HR (human resources). Since 2008 we have been engaged in coaching individuals and teams. Lately we have been intensively paying attention to career consulting.