Job Acquisition

Applying for a position you really care about a lot? Would you like to be absolutely sure your preparation could not be any better? Is an Assessment Centre part of the job interview? Sent to a Development Centre by your employer and not sure what to expect?


Not happy with your CV or cover letter? Still no invitations for interview or even answers from different recruitment companies you sent your CV to? How about changing all this?


Been too long with the same employer? Found yourself jobless? Never searched for a job before? Reluctant or even afraid of making any changes? Not exactly sure where to start from? We are ready to help.

Free informal advisory session

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Career Consulting

Standing at a crossroads of your career? Thinking about your next move? Considering a change of your job or work position? Not quite sure about the current options in the market? You may want to try a career advisor. Not only will they help you uncover your full potential and advise on using it, but also find the best matching place to "sell" your complete set of skills, knowledge and experience. Contact us for a FREE informal advisory session – you will see it is time really well spent.