Bedfort Management Consultants Company has been involved in coaching for years. We focus on results-oriented coaching, based on the teachings of Marilyn Atkinson and John Whitmore.

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Individual Coaching

Still not one hundred percent happy about your work results and at the same time not sure where to push it? Pondering your life and career? Looking for balance between work and personal life? Having "everything" yet lacking motivation to go on? The highest time to try a coach!

Team Coaching

Planning on pushing your current team’s efficiency up a notch? Trying to improve communication with your team? Managing a new team? Had your team go through a Development Center, a number of training sessions, but still lacking "something" where standard training is not effective? Team coaching is a solution for you!


Coach focuses on the future, development and personal growth of coachees. Coach helps coachees identify their strong and weak points and work on both. Coach helps coachees find their own solutions. Coach helps coachees find alternative ways to achieve results. Coach will not hand out case-specific solutions, he will teach you find them on your own.
Free informal advisory session
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