Management Assessment

Management Assessment is a suitable step upon restructuring corporate ownership, changing corporate strategy and corporate reorganization. When entering new markets and new competitive environments, when setting out and revising employee development plans, Management Assessment is one of the cornerstones. Assessment Centre (AC) proves useful when recruiting. Development Centre (DC) is suitable in development plan preparations. There is a specific meaning to both of these and we can work out AC/DC according to your needs, or just have you pilot-test one of these.

Working in a managerial position?

Striving for increase in your team’s performance? Planning on testing a member of your team in AC/DC but not having a group large enough to accommodate them? That is where we come in!

Is your employer holding Development and Assessment Centres?

Or planning their implementation? And you have not been in one and are not sure what to expect? Why not try the level of your managerial skills, even though you a manager’s post is still ahead of you?

Ttrial all-day open AC/DC every month.

That is where we test basic management skills/competencies. AC/DC will give you the experience of real conditions and recommendations for your further development.

Open AC/DC every month

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